Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.: Razak School And What So Ever On The Rooftop :.

Salam.. Tak ada idea nak tulis apa. Cuma tadi before masuk Lab Micro-p sempat juga snap some of pictures through a window; just beside the stairs.. Out of control work sementara tunggu Encik Saiful mula kelas..


Out Of Blue

Through My Window

 I`m just pursued myself to continue the journey. and it just started so fast, but not too soon to finish it..
Let say, "Olloo", and then I remember that moment.
Let say,"Satisfied..! ", and I see the results...
Let say, "Tired " and I will see my sweet bed + Lucy on it..
Let say," Hohoho..", and you will know.. Itu Christmas lah! =P

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