Wednesday, March 31, 2010

.::Saye Rindu Pensil Warna::.

Saya rindu pensil warna. Sudah lama tak menggunakannya. Last guna masa form 4..
Itu pun guna untuk decorate notes. Hehehe.. Sungguh Cumeyl notebook pada masa itu.. Dan tak sangka pulak ada hati nak menconteng-conteng. Rasa semangat sangat nak baca.. Kalau baca pasti dengan hati yang senang sbb nampak macam-macam warna..
ada biru..
ada merah..
ohh..sungguh bahagia bila dipandang...

Notes sekarang just a plain notes..
A blue pen..
A red or black pen..
Ohh.. Busan2...

Our lifes just like a bundle of colour pencils..
means that your life full of happiness..
I`m really miss the Colourful ...
I`m really miss it..
I need the Colourful..




Saturday, March 20, 2010

.:: Learn to be happy for others, forgive and move on::.

" Do not envy one another.."
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

First of all, did you ever think that you sometimes feel a little bit envy to another person?
I`m surely admit, I have it. And all the things happened..Pretty sure I feel really sad and what I`m doing at that time is just crying..Huhu..

And after several weeks, I realized that.. It is not my part that I should get. Maybe Allah SWT have fixed it for me before and for sure He know the best thing I should get.. Alhamdulillah...

" Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our lord"
(Al-Taubah, 9:51)

Goodness, this verse made me realize something I have never seen before. Everything will happened if He allow to happen, right?

Friday, March 5, 2010

.::Kemalasan melanda::.

Oleh kerana test Electronnic I batal hari ni... I nak bermalas-malasan... hahahaha
ohh.. tido.. I mish U..