Friday, November 12, 2010

.: I Hate Most :.

Yes! I hate them so much. Don't ever try to use them  in front of me without consider at a suitable condition. Please be informed that that annoying words make me sick! If you think those words will make you happy and proud, yes just continue.. BUT NOT IN FRONT OF ME! Yes, all those words.. Not just a simple word.. Please be aware to talk about the topics always mention about THAT WORDS!! I`m SICK! SICK! SICK! and SICK! Full stop!

And all those sentences just make me a little bit annoying.. Not me, maybe another too.. Bear in your mind.. Behave yourself because I don`t think you are great lah!! Just trying to get the attention.. What the heck!

How much it cost?
This is the thing that you buy just now? [ With a a freaking shit mouth..Damn!]
From Gucci?
From Guess?
 Yes,yes I got it before. But I lost it!
I also have one..
I have better than this.. Walla..
Mine is better..
You can get this? [ With another  super duper freaking mouth..huh]
I`ll get it tomorrow.. Just by my pinch.. [ muka bangga!]
 My boyfriend/girlfriend is perfect.. He/She have anything.. [ super duper triper proud face like a nanny peacock!]

Hahaha... Numb?! Dumb?! If you don`t like, please navigate from this page.. Thank You..


ifah said...

oho i likeee this post

syufaa said...

just tell "that" person.. "GTH, you're not allowed to live in this world, if you wanna live as a BIG HEADED person, pergi planet MARIKH sane!.."


*huhh! mencik org cmni!*

Nailofarhazirah said...

ifah: thnks ifah... geram je ngn orng camni..

Nailofarhazirah said...

Syufaa: btol.. nak je ckp.. tapi.. ramai sngat.. ahahaha..

just ignore this freaking type of person..

[wallaweyh.. apsal bile kite emo n mrh2, suke speaking? penyakit kah?]