Saturday, December 4, 2010

.: Ministry of Moment: Just Like Contest! :.

Salam.. Hai2 semua.. Tadi dapat contest invitation daripada Roe233. Ehehe.. Thnks yurp!! Apa lagi.. Amek laptop and start la.. Muahahaha...[Okay, ni bukan terlebih rajin.k]

Shafiq Akmal or famously known as Sapex from Ministry of Moment, who is also my official wedding photographer  has kindly offered to give away FREE photography package worth RM2,000 (inclusive of an album) to one lucky blogger.

Not only that, 2 of you could also win 30% off for any photography package you choose! (That’s A LOT man!) Even I tak de lah nak kawen lagi.. Uhuhuk... Tapi nak join jugak.. Mane la taw...*Ehem

All you have to do is:

1. Search for MINISTRY OF MOMENT page in Facebook and click “Like”.
2. Go to ‘Photos’ and find a folder named ‘Contest’.
3. Pick one picture that you like from the folder and write a creative entry in your blog with the title; Ministry of Moment : Just Like contest and tell us why do you like that picture.
4. Under the picture, type; source: Ministry of Moment with link

Why I Love This Picture?

Walaupun gambar ni nampak simple, tapi it was such a meaningful picture. Why? It shows a thousand hopes of a woman. Yes! To have a better life. To achieve  as many as she can. To tell the people that they can do everything even of a man side works. And the most important, woman is a hero. 

"Disebalik kejayaan seorang lelaki kerana adanya seorang wanita"

* Lalalala..[apa aku merepek ni weyh?]