Friday, February 27, 2009

Aku Dan kehidupanku(4)

Aku berasa agak sedih kerana sudah sekian lama tidak menulis dan mempublish new entry kat sini. Hehehehe.. Now I`m back to continue my journey..

Feel quite bored because nothing to do in the Innology Squad Lab.Hurmm.. I borrow Fatin`s laptop to write something. This morning I already read a chapater from a book entititled Life Is Open Secret written by Zabrina A.Bakar the most favourite book that I always bring and read anywhere.Hahaha..

I realized and noticed somthing that I have done. Somthing wrong which I never realized before. Quess what?? Hehehe.. I always loss my patience..Huhuhu.. Astaghfirullah..

When I`m reading that book, I found a Hadith that would be among the reason why Prophet Muhammad(peace upon him) had emphasized so much on anger

'Some are swift(faster) to anger and swift to cool down,the one characteristic making up for the other;some are slow to anger and slow to cool down, the one characteristic making up for the other;the best of you are those that are slow to anger, and swift to cool down and the worst of you are those who are swift to anger and slow to cool down.' (At-Tirmidhi)

Inilah kehidupan. bukan mudah nak menjaga iman,tetapi usaha untuk menjaganya mestilah sentiasa dilaksanakan, istiqamah.. InsyaAllah.. I trying to get myself into.
Patience is a virtue. Iman manusia sentiasa bertambah dan berkurang.. sometimes there will be something that always drag me into 'madness of anger' atau 'marah giler'.. But I`m just keep quiet.. take a deep breath and.. Fuhh..Sometimes release and sometimes 'accident', terbabas.. Kebaboom..!!

Oh, my God!!
My Physics class in just 15 minutes..

I`m coming...
I will continue..

Inilah hakikat kehidupan..Sometimes we are brought up by the wheel and vise versa. so, as a humankind we actually should have our vision and mission to achieve in our life. Let our life full of hapinness and barakah.Hmmm.. Talk about happiness... What is the most happy moment in my life??

Alamak.. Lupa la...

Let me list here:

>> when I got something that I really want using my tulang empat kerat.
>> When I meet my beloved person especially my parents and my family.
>> When I got a chance to have a happy time playing tenpin bowling more than
five games.. Hahahaha..(nak tercabut tangan)
>> When my friends sincerely celebrate my birthday even I know they all are really
>> when somebody make me smile and gelak terguling-guling(especially my sis)
>> When I met someone that I really love in my live..*wink*wink(muka gatal...)
>> When I easilly cool down and get low tendency to get angry..(=P)
>> When I can hang out with my friend till night(Pit and Ila, bila lagi?Haha..)
>> when I reward myself(???)
>> When I got a chance to sleep..

And the important point that actually I`m going to write is about my birthday celebration organised by all my beloved friends Ika, Ana, Ayu, Wani, Izah, Yaya, AJ, Ereen,Joan,Iram, and etc.. I don`t really remember because all of you make me really happy at that night.. Thank you so much for your nice cake and my favourite nasi lemak.. Hehehe.. Thank you so much..!! muaah100x..=)Thanks a lot for your birthday presents,

syiqah : Thank you for your nice gift, snow globe yg comel gler.. Luv u so much!!
Alif : Thank you for your Kinder Bueno,even dah cair, but still mmm.. yummy..
Amirul : Thank you for your Ferrero Rocher, ada 3 kan. Aku mkan satu, Ika satu and
Ana satu.. Sharing is loving..Hahahaha..
Zulfazli : Thanks jugak ko punya Chocolate.. Sedap coklat ko. Ada raisins..

Mmmm.. what a nice day I have..!!


Qider said...

which sis?eheheh

nailofar_hazirah said...

kamu la... sape lagi mak encik...or puan-to-be... kikh3..