Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aku Dan Kehidupanku(5)

I`m back to write something happened in my life..

I`m really tired cause of the 'Lobang-lobang' schedule that I must go through everyday. Imagine that I just have two class per day, but One in the morning and the other at night. Huh..! Whatever happened, la budda lana, I must show my face. Huhu.. Lately, I`m always lost my appetite and feel depress. I don`t know because of what,either about the study nor my robocon schedule. That`s all things not relly disturb me, but maybe I keep thinking about some of my 'ancient history'that always replays in my mind. Really affect my daily life.

For the whole this week, I`m probably 'berkampung' at Innology Lab to finish our robot get ready for the InterUTM Robocon Competition at the end of this month. All these things sometimes help me to forget about the 'ancient history'.

What you see is what you get,and what you give you also get it back..

Life is a journey. Even the sadness or happiness, it will rotate all over. Nobody get the happiness for the rest of her or his life,right? I`m always remind myself bersyukur with whatever I have.

Not really released for whole this week because of the decision made by Joan. She maybe will continue her study at the one of polythecnique in Singapore.Huhu.. So sad..


Means that I will be completely ALONE next semester. Now, I can imagine what will happen to me next semester. Eating alone... Going to class alone.. Go back to KSJ(my hostel) alone.. Wah... so lonely..


Qider said...

dont feel lonely..dont even think like that...thinking that you will be lonely is one step to are strong my dear,one of the kind that our family ever hold girl

nailofar_hazirah said...

I`m trying to put it into myself.. but seem hard for me..

Qider said...

alah..sem depan,rasa cam nak depress amik bas ke hentian kajang...dok lepak ngan akak ngan teddy.. kitaorg lagi besau dari abg..siap ngan rak buku lagik..ehehe