Thursday, February 12, 2009

something to say...

Ashee : Ko gelak la puas-puas.. Kalau ko kat tempat aku ko tawla.. i Feel something missing in my life. Sungguh selepas aku cakap dengan ustazah. baru aku start terfikir. Hmm.. before this, aku wat don`t know je.. Cam xder perasaan.. Hahahah..

Qider: Sis, feel like something not good to hear..rite? hmm.. kalau xkeberatan, let me know.. sumtimes sharing may release everything.. even not fully release, but it reduce from 100%..



mademoiselle ashee said...

hmm i ave smthing to say in my blog

Qider said...

huhu..whatever it is,it hurts more to lose my family (which include u) rather than him..

he just some added happiness (yeke?) in my life,quite recently.may hurt to lose him somehow but i'll vote for my family more..

n your words for me goes to u too my dear sis..

nailofar_hazirah said...

Hmmm.. If we have someone special pn susah, if we don`t have pn ssh.. so what can I say.. comment please..


Qider said...

care to haf sumone special?
then think abt this,if sumthing happen (the very bad things) to our so called 'sumone special' wud that person be special to us?wud us,still want to live wif that person?

really sis,falling in luv outside marriage is something,to keep the love through out marriage is another different thing..

this two points been bothering me lately..i wish i am still kanak2 ribena..huuuuuuuu

nailofar_hazirah said...

busy is the best. it make me happy even i`m really tired. hopefully, by let myself in busy life will
reduce my loneliness..

don`t worry la sis. u wil be in the `new world`x lama lagi.. i hope u wiil be happy and ur life always been in His Redha..insyaAllah.

I`m greatfully happy because of u..
Selamat Menempuh Dunia Baru dalam hidupmu..