Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.:Great Holidays:.

Ohh.. my great holiday with my sisters.. I`m very happy spent all my time together with them. Just after I`m having a little bit of infected feeling going through my life. The disappointments disappeared as the heavy rains accompanied my journey… what a great moment I guest!! Hahaha.. After finished my class on Thursday, I went to my sis’s house at Bandar Baru Bangi as she told me that we are going to Melaka after Maghrib`s prayer on the same day..

Me and Ayumi

On the first day, my sisters, Qider n her lovely husband, Mr. Teddy and Ayumi, and of course me, myself savour every mouthful of our breakfast. Nasi lemak pandan, mee goreng nanas, mee sup, toasts with baked beans, pan cake, and etc.. Just like lunch hour..Hahaha.. Since that day was Friday, so Mr. Teddy have to go for Jumaat prayer.

.Qider and her hubby, Mr. Teddy

After that, we all went to Eye On Malaysia…Huhu.. scary.


Then, I saw Menara Taming Sari, and sound out loud to Qider, “Kakak, macam Space Shot ja.. hahaha”After having our lunch, we decided to watch a movie at cinema when the day started raining outside… Poor day, so we just have indoor activities. But we are really enjoyed watching Storm Warriors II.Then, we went to Heritage Gallery. After Maghrib prayer, we just grabbed something as souvenirs. I just bought two t-shirts and some cute keychain for my roommate(actually roommates..) and also my friends too..

Cute key chain

We arrived at the Naza Hotel almost 11.00 p.m..Really tired for a journey opposite the car park actual direction at Dataran Pahlawan..

With a tired face..huh..

The next day is the day for check out from the hotel.. Ohhh...Have to go back KL..
Have a great day at Melaka..
Hopes for other trip next time.. Ehehehe...
Thank you very much to Qider and Mr. Teddy ; the most important persons for this holiday trip sponsored me & Ayumi everything .. =)


Qider said...

oh ya..sorry for the fact that akak moody ngan abg,korang lak yg kena tahan..plg best skali,abg jgn kata tak heran pun,tak tau kata akak majuk kat dia..sggh ampeh..

lenkali ada duet lebih,kita jenjalan lagi ek?

nailofar_hazirah said...

da most important, kte sume happy..