Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~Tired being Emotionless~

Having a nice day today.. Maybe better than yesterday.. Alhamdulillah.. Going through an emotionless life during my class..huh.. Zannendesu...!! Is it better for myself to be like this all along..?? Even I try to pursue myself to be patient, sometimes it burst by tears.. But I try to remain and maintain the 'cute' smile on my face. .

Sometimes, I feel to kill someone in front of me.. Who ever there.. Who are trying to give a bad smell of my ambiance and spoil my mood..

Just to say that of course we are different, but please take care of another one hearts and feelings..

For me, it is too hard. Being a gurl in this class. All of you, I`m sorry..

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Qider said...

Nah amik (sambil pas pisau)