Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aku dan kehidupanku(6)

Nothing happened for the whole week.. I`m just returned from my hometown 2 days ago.. Hmm.. Have a happy time with my family members. Cooking, watching TV, wandering around my neighborhood, and etc.

The final exam will be held starting from this week.. My mind started to think many things.. All things brought up into my mind. Interpretation of every tiny things keep going till I feel really..Arggghhh.. May Allah SWT always give me rational thinking and be one of His strong slave..InsyaAllah..

Nobody seem can`t accept my existence there...Everybody keep asking, am I will be here after this ?Am I will Change my course after this? Am I will change my section next semester?
So.. what can I say here, I`m just the one who will be an alien there.. Maybe.. Hmmm..I don`t mind. By the way, it will be the most hardest thing that I must face afterwards.

Hahaha..Pity you..

"Allah Will not burden his slaves with hardship that can`t be going through by them"

I`m always pursue myself to be strong person and I believe Allah SWT will always with me. I have to accept whatever probability after this..

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