Friday, April 29, 2011

.: How Forgiveness Is.. :.

Salam. Sobahal khair..  Now near to sunrise, which means we will get ready for Subuh Prayer. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks The Greatest for giving me an opportunity to live in Iman and Islam.. I think today is the great day. A great time I have ever met. Just woke up with peaceful  and delightful heart. subhanallah.. Azan recitation is spreading all over the world..

I just woke up and remember what happened last week. Astaghfirullah.. Now I remember I`m holding the grudge to someone who I play with.. I study with.. I have my meal with.. I-almost-do-anything with.. Just because of his words. Yes, I remember the words.. Even though all those words hurt me so much.

Why I can`t be like before.. For the past...past...past.. year before..

"The weak Can`t never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"

Bingo! Straight bang to my head.. You are weak, heart!

I don`t wanna be someone who being ungrateful for His great planning. Subhanallah.. I accept it Ya Allah..! Thank you  for enlighten me with Your Words.. The Greatest Words I ever met.

[Dear friend/s,]

I forgive you with all my heart. And I erase all those words till the deepest. Hope the ukhuwwah will never tarnish. InsyaAllah..

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syufaa said...

alhamdulillah.. :)