Monday, October 12, 2009

Aku dan kehidupanku (8)

Miss a class again today. Not for the first time, but for may times..I don`t know whether because of my fault or anybody else. Still trying to hold the patience. Remembering his words..

"Awak kene kuat. Diaorang memang mcm tu. Suke buat tak kisah."

Perangai tak kisah golongan tersebut la membuatkan aku rasa.. Damn! Aku yang jadi mangsa. Almost 20 persons there doesn`t care anything.. I don`t want ur attention but just be responsible. I don`t know what you feel if ur at my place.
1 cent for a text massage suppose to be like 10,000$. Hmmm... its okay.. What can I do to pursue myself??

Hmmm... crying...T_T

Normal reaction..Common sense...

I trying to adapt all situations. Try my best to accept what ever coincidence.. I lost a little bit of motivation, maybe.. Hmm.. But its okay if I have been humiliated. I also can isolate myself. . I don`t know whether still can stand-with or not.. Because I`m a typical girl... (full of tears)

Sorry for being Hippocratic person in front of anyone.. Always cover my tears from anyone. Going to the class with such a happy go lucky face before was a fake! (not all)

Haha.. Tgh imagine..Bila la nak cuti.. Adeh.. lambatnya.. Malas nak ambil kisah psal klas lagi dah..
Lantak lah..

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