Friday, November 28, 2008

Robocon Workshop 2008

Robocon Workshop 2008
November 24th 2008 - Disember 3rd 2008

Tak tahu la ape benda ni.. tapi ader kat makmal robotik.

samala.. yang ni pun tak tahu ap benda..

led blinking
my circuit at the beginning.. even it was a simple project, but really make me crazy..^;^

Next stage of my circuit, Dah pening dah sket... Take time to understand.. For me as a beginner

Sakit Kepala otakku tengok..

Base of our robot.. just a base..

Trouble shoot for line follower robot

Novenber 29th 2008
8.30am - 6.30pm
Group C and D
My group members :
khairil khazin
Nor Atika
Anis Hazirah
Nor Farhana
sashi kumar

Inserting the programmable PIC18F452 to the line follower robot

our robot`s track.

Trouble shoot session make me crazy to initialized the programme..

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