Sunday, May 23, 2010

.:My wish list :.

My wish List

Pointer for every semester 4.0
(still did n`t grab it, but in the dean list only..Alhamdulillah..)

Owner of a pink scooter
(still bodeking my parents..huhu.. and still do not get it)

Annual holiday with my family
(still don`t have it in every year..)

Phd. in Electrical

Spend some times with my BFF
(Really mish the friendship with all of you..)

Owner of a souvenir shop
(Really love cute stuff! )

Big n cute teddy bears
(even I have one that I really..really..really.. love)

Sony Bravia for my parents
(hehehe.. because of tv yg kat umah mcm dh nk KO..)

Hangout with him
(Haha.. don`t know when)


lurunharima said...

him ? saper yg??

mizz u T.T
tak rindu kat orh ker.. huhu =(

congrate dapat dean list :)

nailofar_hazirah said...

him? encik transformers...hehehe

sape ckp x windu?
bila dh start pektikel, gtaw,k

time kasih.. ala.. bese2 jew..