Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Lost World -Journey to KLCC

I remember yesterday, my friends and me, Ana and Ika went to KLCC.We just walking there.. We actually have
a Robotic Workshop, but sometimes we illegally escapes as long as we are not having a seminar,a class session with our instructors, or a formal workshop with some of the lecturers.. Firstly, we actually have Larik Workshop at the morning. After finished the session,we walked together to the nearest cafe to have our lunch. While sovour our meal, I came out with the phrase " I still do not upgrade my handphone`s simcard to 3G..." . So, Ika then came out with her idea to go to Menara Celcom not far away from our campus.. After having our lunch and Zohor prayer, we quickly continue our plan to go to Menara Celcom. After that, I suggested that we should get a cab to go to KLCC. Then, Ika said that we just walked. So.. we just folllowed Ika`s suggestion. We keep walking from Jalan Semarak untill Kg Baru but,we still do not reach KLCC.. Hurm.. according to Ika`s Sony Ericsson handphone,(a special hp features to measure distance) we are walking about 7333 steps. wow!!

Three of us was very tired keep walking, walking, walking, and walking, but we`re not yet reach at KLCC even we can saw the highest buiiding in The world standing in front of us..Hmmm.. we are almost give up to get there, but Ika refused to do that because we are almost reached.. Hahahahaa.. Because we had a wrong way, I silently just followed them because Ika said she knew how to go there.. After keep walking for a few minutes at Kg Baru, We met a single lady walking with a pink umbrella and asked her how we can go to KLCC by walking? I can`t forget the reaction we received from that young lady."Hah? pergi KLCC? Jalan Kaki?". Hehehe.. Terkejut beruk kakak tu.. we just ignored the reaction, and she told us to get the Putra LRT train to go there.We asked her for the nearest Putra LRT Station and she answered "Jauh jugak dari sini. Akak tak tahu nak cakap macamne nak pegi sana.." Huhu.. so.. we know that we had lost our way..

Then, we just keep walking to find LRT station. Finally we found it. We actully want to watched a movie at TGV cinema at KLCC. TWILIGHT.. and directly went to the ticket`s counter to buy the tickets. We lastly succeed to have the ticket and enjoy to watch Twilight at 4.10pm. Actually we just arrived at KLCC at 4pm. hahahaha.. Lucky!! We just arrived on time.

We enjoy watching Twilight almost 2 hours... Stared at Edward Patterson feel like in his world. Hahahaha.... so hansome.. me and my friends crazily took some pictures in front of TGV`s film poster..
hahaha.. see...

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